Monday, October 17, 2005

Bertani Secco Valpolicella DOC'02, Veneto, Italy

A lot of structure for this outstanding, smooth almost silky blended wine.

Technical Data:Corvina Veronese 70%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5%.The grapes underwent a traditional red vinification process. 75% of the wine ages in Slavonia oak casks, 25% in French oak barriques. Refining in the bottle for 90 days. an outstanding red wine that highlights the virtues of the ripasso winemaking technique.

Ripasso Winemaking Technique: Around the beginning of March, the wine was drawn from the vat and refermented on the pomaces of the Amarone, following the traditional Veronese technique called “ripasso”. Thanks to this procedure the wine acquires the vital humours that give it structure and long aging possibilities, and enriches it with typical notes of dried grapes.

Description:Wonderfully rich and mellow with a spicy, nutty aroma and taste. Very deep garnet color; delicate, typical bouquet, with hints of spices and walnut. Berry fruit flavors; dry, full, slightly bitterish and persistent.

Food Pairings & Service:It goes well with red meat and seasoned cheese.


Suggested Retail Price:$16.99

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