Monday, October 17, 2005

Affentaler Riesling'03, "Monkey" White Wine, Baden, Germany

Technical Data:100% Riesling. Affentaler is named for the "Monkey Valley" that it's grown in, from Germany's Baden growing region.

Description:Pale straw yellow color. Well balanced dry wine with vivid green apple aromas and flavors enticed with honey, a touch of spice, and a hint of white flower.

Food Pairing & Service:Perfect with seafood, salads and poultry, but because this wine is quite refreshing and fruity it is also easy to sip on its own, particularly well suited for summer time. keep it well-chilled.


Suggested Retail price:$10.99


  1. Is your wine available in Canada?
    Thank you

  2. Dianna,

    Frankly I have no idea, a good way to find out is to go ask to the wine manager of your regular wine store to find out for you thru is distributing connections, it may take some time though depending how busy he is, that's usually how we process in the Washington DC area. The other way, is to contact directly the winery thru Internet, and ask them who (if any) distribute their wine in your region, again, it may takes some times, as most of the small wineries in Europe don't have a person dedicated to answer to inquiries. Good luck hunting down your wine! :-)