Thursday, October 27, 2005

Poliziano Asinone'00, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, Tuscany, Italy

Excellent Vino Nobile di Montepulciano from a Selected Vineyard in Tuscany produced only from the very best vintage, that mean not every year. Too bad than we can't find it yet on the shelf. If you cross this one on a wine list in a restaurant, you have to try it!

Technical Data:100% Sangiovese aged 16 – 18 months in new French oak-barrels with additional months of bottle fining prior release. Produce only from the very best vintage, that mean not every year.

Description:Dark ruby red color. Captivating aromas of berries laced with vanilla and cinnamon spice.. Full-bodied and elegant Sangiovese offering concentrated flavors of ripe plum, blackberry, chocolate and woody spice. Complex wine with excellent balance and a lot of depth. Rich texture, silky mouthfilling and supple tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well hearty pasta dishes, red meat and roasts. A wonderful one with chocolate. Open at least an hour before, this wine really need to breath a little bit before the consumption.

Ageing Potential:Ready to drink although could easily lay down 15 years.


Suggested Retail Price:$32.00 - $41.50

Poliziano Rosso di Montepulciano'03, Rosso di Montepulciano DOC, Tuscany, Italy

A full-bodied but not aggressive red wine from Tuscany. Quite nice one, you'll enjoy it!

Technical Data:80% Prugnolo Gentile ( a clone of Sangiovese), 20% Merlot. Only the Merlot part is aged in American oak-barrels for 8 months, the rest of the wine remain on steel tanks prior blending and bottling.

Description:Purple red color. Red fruits aromas bouquet, the palate recalls its nose with lots of cherry and raspberry flavors laced with smoky oak flavors and very smooth tannins. Rich texture, velvety mouthfilling and long lasting finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well hearty pasta dishes with tomato based sauce and herbs. Also a good accompaniment with red meat.

Ageing Potential: 3 - 5 years.


Suggested Retail Price:$13.99 - $16.99

Donnafugata Mille e una Notte'00, Contessa Entellina DOC, Sicily, Italy

A very dry and smoky velvety red from Sicily.

Technical Data:90% Nero d’Avola, 10% other native varieties. Aged 15 – 18 months in new French oak-barrels depending of the vintage. Additional bottle fining of 12 months prior release.

Description:Inky ruby red color. Fragant bouquet exhaling dark fruits and notes of violets. Elegant and complex very dry wine, the palate shows equally fruity and flowery flavors recalling the nose, with additional flavors such as tobacco smoke and balsamic scents backboned by solid tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well red meat with sauces and herbs. Also a good pairing with lamb chops, roasted veal and matured cheeses.


Suggested Retail Price:$49.99 - $58.99

Donnafugata Tancredi'02, Contessa Entellina DOC, Sicily, Italy

A very dry and very smoky blended red from Sicily. Mainly found on restaurant's wine list.

Technical Data:70% Nero d’Avola, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged 14 months in French oak-barrels with an additional bottle fining of 6 months prior release.

Description:Deep dark red color. Nose full of blackberry and tobacco aromas. Very dry full-bodied wine showing blackberry, mulberry and bilberry laced with cacao flavors, liquorice spiciness and a hint of smoky oak. long lasting sweet finish underlined by soft tannins. A very smoky wine.

Food Pairing & Service:Will go well with grilled or roasted red meats, lamb, sausages and pork, aged cheeses, porcini mushrooms, rabbit and meat loaf. Serve at room temperature, if possible open an hour before consumption, the wine need to breath a little bit.


Suggested Retail Price:$23.99 - $25.00

DonnaFugata Sedara'02, Sicila IGT, Sicily, Italy

Nice characterful red from Sicily made from 100% Nero d'Avola, the red main grape there.

You'll find this wine principally on restaurant's wine list. As far as I know, I have never seen this one on a shelf!

Technical Data:100% Nero D’Avola, the main red grape from Sicily. A small amount of the wine was aged 9 months in French oak-barrels. Additional bottle fining of 3 months prior release.

Description:Ruby red color. Cherry and blackberry on the nose. The palate is dry but soft showing lots o f ripe cherries and blackberry flavors enticed with tobacco smoke, cedary spice and subtle earthiness notes. Very smooth tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well red meats, introductory dishes with meat sauce and tomato, baked pasta dishes and also lightly cooked tuna and salmon. Serve at room temperature.


Suggested Retail Price:$12.00 - $16.00

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Milton Park Chardonnay'03, South Eastern Australia

Technical Data:100% Chardonnay. Only a small amount of the wine was age few months in oak.

Description:Bright golden yellow color. Intense fragrant bouquet with lots of pear, peach aromas and a hint of oak. The palate is soft, medium-bodied focused on tropical fruits, apricot, peach and pear with toasted almond notes. The wine has a subtle creamy finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well seafood, Asian dishes, creamy pasta, roasted chicken and even grilled salmon. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$8.99

Thorn-Clark Terra Barossa Cuvee'03, Barossa Valley, Australia

A very dry blended red wine, a little too dry for my taste!

Technical Data:Blended wine made from 60% Shiraz, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon and 7% Mourvedre aged on oak.

Description:Inky red color. Intense fruity nose focused on dark fruits like plum and cassis laced with oaky notes. The palate is very dry and spicy showing lots of plum, cassis, candied cherries, toastiness and cedary notes. Leathery mouthfilling and firm tannins on the finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well heavy pasta dishes, red meat and roasted chicken.


Suggested Retail Price:$11.99

Cristobal 1492 Verdelho'04, Mendoza, Argentina

Another grape which will gain to be more on everybody's table!

Technical Data:100% Verdelho aged only in stainless steel tanks.

Description:Light Straw yellow color with greenish hues. Well balanced crisp and dry wine showing an intense fruity and floral bouquet with aromas of tropical fruits, peach and acacia. The refreshing palate exudes flavors like pear, tropical fruits as well as guava, peach and spice. Nice long lasting finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Could be drunk on its own as an aperitif or paired with a wide range of dishes such as Asian dishes, fish, seafood and salads but also with chicken.


Suggested Retail Price:$9.99

Cristobal 1492 Malbec'03, Mendoza, Argentina

A delicious medium-bodied Malbec from Argentina.

Technical Data:100% Malbec. 20% of the wine was aged 9 months in French oak barrels.

Description:Bright Dark color. Rich and elegant medium-bodied wine. Fragrant nose focused on ripe red fruits , spice and herbal notes. The palate exudes plum and berries enticed with earthy characters and a nice touch of spice and oak. Long lasting velvety finish with smooth tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:This wine is an ideal accompaniment to pasta and roasted meats.

Score:8/10 Great Value!

Suggested Retail Price:$9.99

Cristobal 1492 Cabernet Sauvignon'03, Mendoza, Argentina

A Cabernet Sauvignon showing the typical flavors of its varietal from Argentina.

Technical Data:100% Cabernet Sauvignon . 20% of the wine was aged 9 months in French oak barrels.

Description:Deep dark garnet color. Currant and berry aromas on the nose enticed with smoke. Medium-bodied palate showing a rich texture focused on dark fruits flavors such as currant and plum, and a nice earthiness. On the finish, well integrated smooth tannins and a toastiness.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well a wide range of dishes and most particularly beef and spicy dishes.


Suggested Retail Price:$9.99

Cristobal 1492 Bonarda'03, Mendoza, Argentina

A nice and silky Bonarda from Argentina.

Technical Data:100% Bonarda . 20% of the wine was aged 9 months in French oak barrels.

Description:Deep bright purple color with garnet hues. Nice characterful nose loaded with berry and a soft touch of oak. Silky palate showing lots of ripe berry flavors and a touch of spice with black pepper. The finish is smooth with soft tannins and a slight bitterness.

Food Pairing & Service:This will be perfect with red meats, grilled vegetable and all kind of pasta dishes with tomato sauce. Serve at room temperature.

Score:7/10 Great Value!

Suggested Retail Price:$9.99

3 Blind Moose Merlot'03, Woodbridge California, USA

Smooth Merlot from California, nice to enjoy everyday.

Technical Data:Merlot blended with small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah and Zinfandel from Woodbridge aged few months in oak.

Description:Garnet red color. Dry smooth Merlot. Ripe black cherry aromas and spice. Smooth palate showing black cherry flavors, plum with a leathery texture and a touch of spice such as cedar. Very round, supple tannins and oaky flavors on the finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Easy drinking wine, could be drunk on its own or paired with mild dishes. Serve at room temperature.


Suggested Retail Price:$9.99

3 Blind Moose Chardonnay'04, Woodbridge CA, USA

A delicious, refreshing and slightly oaky Chardonnay.

Technical Data:100% chardonnay from Woodbridge aged slightly in oak.

Description:Straw yellow color. Dry and warm medium-bodied Chardonnay showing floral aromas and citrus fruits on the nose. The palate is focused on tropical fruits, citrus fruits and apple melted together. Long lasting finish with a touch of oak toast, butter cream and some nutty flavors.

Food Pairing & Service:Will go well with all kind of fish, seafood, also a good accompaniment for grilled chicken, veal, creamy pasta and salads. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$9.99

Monday, October 24, 2005

3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon'03, Woodbridge CA, USA

A nice and round Cabernet Sauvignon to enjoy everyday.

Technical Data:Cabernet Sauvignon blended with small amounts of Syrah and Zinfandel from Woodbridge aged in French and American oak.

Description:Deep dark color. Very soft medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon blend with a velvety rich texture. The nose and palate exudes blackberry and cherry flavors, smooth tannins with a touch of spice and oak.

Food Pairing & Service:Easy drinking round Cabernet to enjoy on its own or pair with spicy food, lamb or beef. Serve at room temperature.


Suggested Retail Price:$9.99

Barboursville Vineyards Virginia Cabernet Sauvignon'03, Virginia, USA

Technical Data:100% Cabernet Sauvignon aged in oak for 12 months.

Description:Deep garnet color. A medium-bodied and smooth Cabernet Sauvignon showing lots of currant aromas and herbs tones. The mouth is loaded with ripe blackcurrant and plumy flavors enticed with herbs such as mint and spice like black pepper and cedar. The finish is soft and very smoky showing oaky flavors and smooth tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well lasagne, beef, lamb and mild to strong cheeses.

Score:6/10 Not my Favourite from this winery!

Suggested Retail Price:$16.99

Barboursville Vineyards Virginia Merlot'03, Virginia, USA

A silky Merlot from Virginia.

Technical Data:100% Merlot aged few months only on oak.

Description:A very supple Merlot with garnet color and pinkish hues. The wine offers on the nose lots berry’s aromas and more particularly raspberry. The palate shows Raspberry and Cherry flavors enticed with smoke and a touch of spice. Very supple and smooth tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well risotto and pasta dishes with tomato sauce. Will go well also with braised rabbit, grilled chicken, roasted beef and mild cheeses.

Score:6/10 Too Smooth for my taste!

Suggested Retail Price:$10.99

Barboursville Vineyards Virginia Chardonnay'04, Virginia, USA

A nice stainless steel Chardonnay for those tired of overoaked one.

Technical Data:100% Chardonnay aged in stainless steel tanks only.

Description:Straw yellow color. Dry and crisp chardonnay, quite lemony on both nose and palate. Also flavors of pear and apricot on the mid-palate and golden apple flavors on the finish. Long lasting refreshing finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Will accompany well creamy pasta dishes, seafood of every kind, fishes, grilled chicken creamy cheeses and salad. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$13.49

Man Vintners Shiraz'03, Western Cape, South Africa

A very dry and smoky blended Shiraz.

About this MAN thing, you should know that this brand is a partnership of 3 friends who decided to give to their wines a name with the first initials of their spouse's first name...MAN is for Marie, Annette and Nicky!
The name of the wine have really nothing to do with a wine made only for men all the contrary...

Technical Data:90% Shiraz, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. 50% of the wine was aged in French oak-barrels for 4 – 6 months, then fined and filtered before bottling.

Description:Deep garnet color. On the nose aromas of dark fruits, spice and leather. The palate is very dry and focused on ripe blackberry flavors well enticed with smoke, leathery notes and cedary spiciness backbone by a long foxy finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Goes well with Beef, lamb, game and strong cheeses. Serve at room temperature.

Score:5/10 Nothing wrong with it but not really my taste!

Suggested Retail Price:$7.99

Man Vintners Chenin Blanc'04, Coastal Region, South Africa

A wine for those tired of Chardonnay and Sauvinon Blanc!

About this MAN thing, you should know that this brand is a partnership of 3 friends who decided to give to their wines a name with the first initials of their spouse's first name...MAN is for Marie, Annette and Nicky!
The name of the wine have really nothing to do with a wine made only for men all the contrary...

Technical Data:100% Chenin Blanc aged in stainless steel tanks only.

Description:Pale straw yellow color. A crisp, refreshing medium-bodied wine showing lemon, citrus and honeysuckle aromas. Delicious palate full of tropical fruits, fig, apricot and lime-tree flavors enticed with a slight minerality. Long lasting finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Could be drunk on its own as un aperitif during summer time. Goes well with fish, poultry and salad. Serve chilled.

Score:7/10 Great Value

Suggested Retail Price:$7.99

Monday, October 17, 2005

Clos du Bois Russian River Valley Reserve Chardonnay'03, Sonoma County, USA

A delicious creamy style Chardonnay from the well-know Winery Clos du Bois.

Technical Data:: 100% Chardonnay. The wine was allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation. Aging took place in a combination of new (44%), one- and two-year-old French oak barrels for nine months.

Description:Brilliant silver straw yellow color. On the nose the wine shows rich aromas of ripe apples and pears with hints of stone fruit and citrus. The intense forward fruit flavors are bright and juicy with ripe apples, pears and fig highlighted by nuances of toffee and vanilla. The creamy mouthfeel is a result of hand stirring the lees during barrel aging.

Food Pairing & Service:All seafood such as crab, lobster, scallops and schrimp and fish dishes.


Suggested Retail Price:$15.49

Circus Shiraz By L'Ostal Cazes'03, Vin de Pays D'Oc, Minervois, France

A delicious and smooth Shiraz ( Syrah) from the south of France to enjoy on its own or paired with Mediterranean Cuisine.

Technical Data:100% Shiraz. Vineyards near the small town of La Livinière in the Minervois district of the Languedoc region of southern France.

Description:Deep purple color. Aromas of black cherry, blackberry and cassis. The palate is well-structured and complex, with notes of ripe fruit and toast leading to long and elegant finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Enjoy with hearty pasta dishes with tomato sauce base, grilled salmon, veal, pork and beef, and all the Mediterranean Cuisine in general.


Suggested Retail Price:$12.99

Cellar No 8 North Coast Zinfandel'03, North Coast, USA

A smooth and Jammy Zinfandel from Geyservill, on the top of Sonoma County closed to Dry Creeks Valley.

Technical Data:81% Zinfandel, 12% Carignane and 7% Petite Syrah, aged 11 months in French and American oak barrels, 30% new. Low tannins content.

Description:Ruby red in color. This Zinfandel presents Berry aromas such as boysenberry and raspberry with a hint of spice and vanilla in the background. On the palate, jammy entry loaded with berry flavors and well-enticed with black pepper from the Petite Syrah, licorice and strawberry flavors. By the end of the palate some cedar notes and spice from the French and American oak. Well-structured and smooth tannins support the lingering jammy fruit notes that continue throughout a long finish.

Food Pairings & Service:Will pair well with a wide range of dishes, from mild cheeses to mild red meat.


Suggested Retail Price:$9.99

Estancia Pinnacles Ranches Pinot Noir '02, Monterey, USA

A really soft and nicely fruity Pinot Noir.

Technical Data:100% Pinot Noir, aged 7 months in 100% French oak, 25% new.

Description:Ruby-red color with purple edges.Effusively fruity on the nose, with ripe plum, cherry and strawberry layered with sweet oak and aromas of dried flowers, leaf and spice. Rich berry flavors on the palate with hints of leather and briarnotes. Silky mouthfeel with soft, round tannins and a long finish.

Food Pairings & Service:Enjoy with a wide range of mild dishes, from cheeses to red meat.


Suggested Retail Price:$14.99

Bertani Soave Classico Superiore DOC '02, Veneto, Italy

A nice full-bodied white made mainly from a not well-know grape called Garganega.

Technical Data:90% Garganega, 10% Trebbiano di Soave and Chardonnay . A part of the Garganega is “over-matured” and vinified in large wooden tanks; the rest is fermented in stainless steel containers of small dimension with automatic temperature control. Fermentation in French oak barriques for the Chardonnay. The wine is aged for about 5 months in stainless steel containers, previous to the final refinement in the bottle.

Description:The wine opens distinctly to the nose with a floral bouquet emanating the typical fragrances of Garganega, with traces of elderberry in particular. It then offers the sweeter aromas of fleshy and yellowish-pulp fruit such as peach. The mouth displays a full round taste and echoes the nose of the wine with on the enry once again lots of peach and elderberry flavors and finishes on even more savoury notes with a hint of oak.

Food Pairing & Service:Ideal as aperitif or with appetizers, creamy pasta dishes or fish.


Suggested Retail Price:$12.99

Bertani Secco Valpolicella DOC'02, Veneto, Italy

A lot of structure for this outstanding, smooth almost silky blended wine.

Technical Data:Corvina Veronese 70%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5%.The grapes underwent a traditional red vinification process. 75% of the wine ages in Slavonia oak casks, 25% in French oak barriques. Refining in the bottle for 90 days. an outstanding red wine that highlights the virtues of the ripasso winemaking technique.

Ripasso Winemaking Technique: Around the beginning of March, the wine was drawn from the vat and refermented on the pomaces of the Amarone, following the traditional Veronese technique called “ripasso”. Thanks to this procedure the wine acquires the vital humours that give it structure and long aging possibilities, and enriches it with typical notes of dried grapes.

Description:Wonderfully rich and mellow with a spicy, nutty aroma and taste. Very deep garnet color; delicate, typical bouquet, with hints of spices and walnut. Berry fruit flavors; dry, full, slightly bitterish and persistent.

Food Pairings & Service:It goes well with red meat and seasoned cheese.


Suggested Retail Price:$16.99

Bertani Duo Uve'02, IGT, Veneto, Italy

Fittingly named Duo Uve meaning"Two Grapes," this unique and innovative estate-bottled wine is a light blended wine perfect for summer time.

Technical Data:Blend of 50% Pinot Grigio and 50% Sauvignon Blanc. The two wines are combined only after vinification is complete. Aged in stainless steel vats until ready for bottling, which precedes its sale by about six months.

Description:Intense straw yellow color. Strongly aromatic with characteristic notes of ripened peach and citrus fruits against a background of white flowers typical of Sauvignon Blanc from Italy. The strongly textured, velvety taste of Pinot Grigio harmonizes with the aromatic component of Sauvignon.

Food Pairings & Service:Serve chilled as an accompaniment to fish, hors d’oeuvres, or soups


Suggested Retail Price:$14.99

Bertani Cattulo Rosso'01 IGT, Veneto, Italy

Technical Data:Made from a 50/50 blend of Corvina and Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are aged for twelve months in French oak barrels, which have been medium roasted, whereas the Corvina grapes spend the same amount of time in barrels of Slavonia oak. The two wines are combined several months before being bottled, where they remain for about six months.

Description:Intense ruby-red color with slightly violet touch. The nose express spicy woodsy notes with strong fruity qualities, such as sweet blackberries and blueberries. A full-bodied taste is balanced with the fruity flavors for a dense, concentrated wine.

Food Pairings & Service:Serve with red meats and full-flavoured cheeses. Ready to drink now but could also easily lay down for a while.


Suggested Retail Price:$15.99

Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon'04, Margaret River, Western Australia

A full-bodied well-balanced white blend, full of characters.

Technical Data:53% Sauvignon Blanc and 47% Semillon. The juice is gently expressed from the skins during vinification. Some batches of Semillion receive extended skin contact for further flavor extraction and to facilitate pressing. The wine is mainly fermented in stainless steel tanks with 20% fermented in new French and American oak barrels.

Description:Bright pale straw yellow colorcolor. On the nose this wine is focused on intense aromas of Semillon such as passion fruit, orange blossom, lemon rind infused with the gooseberry of Sauvignon and a hint of spicy oak derived from barrel fermentation. The palate has perfect balance, creamy, full and textural, yet finishing crisp and clean with great length and focus on citrus and herb flavors . On the mouth, the wine shows wonderful flavors oforange blossom, grapefruit, gooseberry and grassyness all together.

Food Pairings & Service:Will accompaniy a wide range of dishes from heavy fish to light white meat. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$12.99

Cape Mentelle "Trinders" Cabernet - Merlot'02, Margaret River, Western Australia

A very supple Cab/Merlot blend.

Technical Data:Vinification includes fermentation in stainless steel tanks and ageing in French and American oak barrels for 15 months. The final blend consists of 56% Cabernet Sauvignon, 36% Merlot, 4% Cabernet Franc and 3% Petit Verdot.

Description:A supple Cabernet/Merlot blend with sweet liquorice and camphor notes on the nose dominated by characteristic aromas of blackcurrants, blueberry and cedar. The wine has a soft willowy texture, round and succulent with agreeable tannins and powerful flavors of leather and currants echoing the nose.

Food Pairings & Service:A wine to be enjoyed upon release or cellared for up to ten years.


Suggested Retail Price:$16.49

Cape Mentelle Shiraz'02, Margaret River, Western Australia

A plain and characterful Shiraz from Australia, one of my favourite lately from this part of the world!

Technical Data:100% Shiraz. Vinification includes partial whole berry fermentation and maturation in a combination of large oak casks and American oak barrels.

Description:Deep dark in color. It is an opulent wine with complex and lush ripe plum-prunes flavors, laced with spice and pepper characteristics, underlaid by chewy tannins; A very luscious palate, with a supple and harmonious structure and a complex flavor range from sweet to savory.

Food Pairings & Service:A wine to be enjoyed upon release or cellared for up to ten years.


Suggested Retail price:$21.99

Benziger Sonoma County Merlot'01, Sonoma County, USA

A luscious and silky Merlot .

Technical Data:90% Merlot, 5% Petite Syrah, 4.6% Syrah, 0.25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 0.15% Petit Verdot .Wines were aged in American and French oak for at least 15 months, then mixed together and bottled.

Description:A full bodied wine showing ripe berries and plums, with overtones of toast, spicy oak and smooth tanins. It has a long, smooth finish. A delicious one.

Food Pairings & Service:Enjoy with vegetable lasagne, roast rabbit, venison terrine, meatloaf, steak, or lamb stew.


Suggested Retail Price:$16.49

Benziger Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon'01, Sonoma Valley, USA

A really spicy and dry full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma Valley.

Technical Data:The 2001 vintage is a 5 grapes “Bordeaux style” blend with Cabernet Sauvignon ( over 75%), Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec aged in primarily American oak with some French for 15 months.

Desription:A full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, spicy and very flavored, on both nose and palate focused on cherry, cedar, tobacco, toast, herbs and blackberry.

Food Pairings & Service:Rabbit stew, beef tortillas, roast venison, and barbecued lamb.

Score:5/10 Not my Favourite even if it is well-crafted!

Suggested Retail Price:$16.99

Benziger Carneros chardonnay'03, Carneros, USA

A full-bodied very oaky chardonnay.

Technical Data:100% Chardonnay fermented and aged in American and French oak barrels for 4 to 7 months depending on which vineyards the grapes are from. 5 different vineyards are used to produced this creamy style Chardonnay. The grapes from each different vineyards are processed separetely ( maceration, fermentation & ageing) then mixed together and bottled.

Description:Straw Yellow color.This fragrant chardonnay shows lots of fruit aromas on the nose such as pear, peach, pineapple and also a light toastiness. On the palate this is a full-bodied yet very supple one with a crisp lingering finish. Same flavors as aromas are shown.

Food Pairings & Service:Fried calamari, scallops in a light curry sauce, crab cakes, filet of sole with almonds, corn chowder, macaroni and cheese or turkey panini. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$13.49

Castello Banfi, Chianti Classico'03, Tuscany, Italy

A luscious full-bodied wine but yet with a very smooth finish.

Technical Data:Mainly made from Sangiovese grape as every Chainti, with a selection of traditional Chianti Classico varietals added. Aging in French oak barriques for 7 months.

Description:A deep dark color for an alluring bouquet of black fruit and violets; rich flavors of cherry and leather; supple tannins and good acidity for dining.

Food Pairings & Service:Perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of foods, including red-sauced pastas, grilled meats, and roasts.


Suggested Retail Price:$12.99

Castello Banfi, San Angelo Pinot Grigio'03, Tuscany, Italy

Technical Data:100% Pinot Grigio.

Description:An elegant light-bodied wine of pale-straw yellow color. Intense, fruity aromas showing pear, banana, peach, anise and honey notes. Its palate is echoing its nose. A clean wine with a rich mouthfeeling and a refreshing sweet finish.

Food Pairings & Service:This is a delightful complement to light fare, seafood and simple veal and poultry dishes. Above all, it is a superb aperitif and a good sipping wine for summer time.


Suggested Retail Price:$13.88

Affentaler Spatburgunder Rotwein'03, "Monkey" Red Wine, Baden, Germany

A nice wine for casual meal!

Technical Data:100% Pinot Noir, Spatburgunder is the German name for Pinot Noir. Affentaler is named for the "Monkey Valley" that it's grown in. From Germany's Baden growing region.

Description:Light and soft summer wine. Pale red color almost pink. Delicious aromas of cherries and vanilla. A little fizzy at the beginning of the palate. Flavors of raspberry, strawberry and herbs. The finish, which is quite smooth due to the wine's low alcohol content (12 %), carries flavors pine and a touch of bitterness, though not in an bad way.

Food Pairing & Service:Perfect with roasted pork, bratwurst, picnics, or as a cocktail. Quite unusual for a red wine, serves this one well-chilled!


Suggested Retail Price:$12.49

Affentaler Riesling'03, "Monkey" White Wine, Baden, Germany

Technical Data:100% Riesling. Affentaler is named for the "Monkey Valley" that it's grown in, from Germany's Baden growing region.

Description:Pale straw yellow color. Well balanced dry wine with vivid green apple aromas and flavors enticed with honey, a touch of spice, and a hint of white flower.

Food Pairing & Service:Perfect with seafood, salads and poultry, but because this wine is quite refreshing and fruity it is also easy to sip on its own, particularly well suited for summer time. keep it well-chilled.


Suggested Retail price:$10.99

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Coppola Diamond Series Merlot'03, CA, USA

A very dry and full-bodied Merlot, need to be paired with food.

Technical Data:93% Merlot, 7% Syrah aged in oak.

Description:Spicy, subtle, and silky Merlot. Inky purple color and intense aromas of wild blueberries and raspberries. Cedary spiciness from the addition of Syrah highlights the palate while succulent flavors of ripe blueberries, vanilla, tobbacco smoke and herbs such as mint are enhanced by soft, smooth tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:Perfect with a pork tenderloin wrapped in fresh rosemary sprigs, also a good choice with veal, Beef or pasta dishes like Pasta Bolognese.


Suggested Retail Price:$12.99

Coppola Diamond Series Chardonnay'03, CA, USA

Technical Data:100% Chardonnay aged in French oak.

Description:Straw yellow color. Aromas of pear, golden apple and exotic fruits. This chardonnay displays ripe fruit flavors such as pear , sweet pineapple and guava that stay nice and easy on the palate, with a touch of white pepper for the spice and a hint of vanillin-oak. It finishes with a silky buttery note from the barrel fermentation.

Food Pairing & Service:Enjoy with baked chicken, fish and seafood such as scallops and lobster for example. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$10.99

Coppola Diamond Series Sauvignon Blanc'03, CA, USA

A medium-bodied and crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Technical Data:100% Sauvignon Blanc. Aged in Stainless Steel tanks only.

Description:Pale yellow color. Aromas of fig, apricot, and pink grapefruit. The stainless steel fermentation preserves the varietal characteristics of the grape, creating a zesty wine with flavors of pear, citrus and summer melon.

Food Pairing & Service:Pairs well with light fare, salads, soups, seafood and fish. Could also be a refreshing aperitif wine


Suggested Retail Price:$10.99

Coppola "Presents Collection" Rosso Classic'04, CA, USA

A medium-bodied and smooth blended red from CA's Francis Ford Coppola Estate.

Technical Data:49% Zinfandel, 28% Syrah, 23% Cabernet Sauvignon aged few months in oak.

Description:Dark ruby color. Ripe berry currant and spice aromas for the nose, the palate is focused on dark fruits with a slight touch of toasty oak a some spice. A very rich one full of characters and fruits.

Food Pairing & Service:Quite a nice one on its own it’s also a perfect accompaniment to hearty pastas or seasonal barbecues.


Suggested Retail Price:$7.99

Coppola "Presents Collection" Bianco Pinot Grigio'04, CA, USA

Equally fruity and flowery blended Pinot Grigio from CA's Francis Ford Coppola Estate. Fresh and fruity on the entry, floral and crisp on the finish.

Technical Data:97% Pinot Grigio, 3% Sauvignon Blanc. Aged in stainless steel tanks only.

Description:Bianco has fresh aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, and spice while flavors of apple, pear, and mandarin unfold on the palate. The smooth finish is highlighted by touches of honeysuckle and zesty lemon for a lively wine.

Food Pairing & Service:Greek Salad, Goat Cheese, Fig & Roasted Walnut Salad, light fish and Szechuan Shrimp. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$8.99

Monday, October 3, 2005

Franciscan Oakville Estate Chardonnay'02, Napa Valley, CA

A lively Chardonnay, a little toasty with a long lasting finish.

Technical Data:100% Chardonnay from Napa Valley. Oak fermented.Aged 10 months sur lie in French and American, 25% new.

Description:Straw yellow color. On the nose, notes of peach, pear and apple combined with hints of tropical aromas and toasted nuttiness. Lively and lengthy on the palate with a great body and structure. Mineral notes linger and the finish is crisp, creamy and clean with apple and citrus flavors.

Food Pairing & Service:Wonderful with spicy dishes, Asian dishes and sushis. A classic one to pair with seafood and fish.


Suggested Retail Price:$11.98

Drylands Sauvignon Blanc'04, Marlborough, New Zealand

A crisp and quite grapefruity Sauvignon Blanc with all the characters of New zealand ones!

Technical Data:

Description:Silvery yellow color with little beads of microbubbles that denote freshness. Citrus alike aromas but it is also grassy and flinty, a rich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with ripe tropical and herbal aromas and flavors. A beautifully balanced wine, also layered with luscious sweet flavors of passion fruit, banana, with fresh, vibrant acidity and an intense, dry, lingering herbal finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Serve chilled with fish and seafood.


Suggested Retail Price:$12.99

Toasted Head Chardonnay'03, Dunnigan Hills, CA

A characterful Chardonnay, buttery and toasty.

Technical Data:100% chardonnay, barrel fermented, French & American oak. Toasted Head refers to barrel making process. Toasted Head wines are site selected, and fermented in small lots.

Description:Straw yellow color. Bright tangerine and pear fruit aromas are highlighted by clove and nutmeg. This medium-bodied wine has a crisp acidity and long finish, with pear and toasty butterscotch oak flavors, and a creamy texture.

Food Pairing & Service:Pan roasted halibut, grilled seabass, roasted chicken


Suggested Retail Price:$18.99

Salmon Harbor Merlot'02, Columbia Valley, WA

Technical Data:87% Merlot, 4% Lemberger, 4% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Sangiovese aged in stainless steel tanks.

Description:Dark ruby red color. Aromas and flavors of black cherry, cinnamon, anise, chocolate and smoke. This wine is showing moderate weight with a touch of oak and easy-going tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:Perfect match for grilled and spicy food, barbecued lamb, Cajun dishes and grilled salmon. This is a red wine meant to be enjoyed in its youth.


Suggested Retailed Price:$11.99

Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon'03, Columbia Valley,WA

A cherry-berry Cabernet Sauvignon with screw-cap from Columbia Valley to enjoy now and the year to come.

Technical Data:76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 7% Lemberger, 1% Shiraz, fermented in stainless steel and aged on oak for up to 12 month.

Description:Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas of cedar wood and caramel with subtle floral notes of violets. Ripe black cherries and berries are on the palate, with hints of herbs, cocoa, tobacco, and oak framed by moderate tannins.

Food Pairing & Service:Enjoy it with a steak or matured cheeses.


Suggested Retail Price:$11.99

Goundrey Offspring Chardonnay'03, Western Australia, Australia

A creamy style Chardonnay from Western Australia, medium-bodied and tangy.

Technical Data:100% Chardonnay aged in new and seasoned French oak barriques.

Description:Light straw yellow color with brilliant clarity. Aromas of peach, grapefruit and cashew nuts are complemented by fragrant oak characters adding subtle complexity. In the palate, rich and creamy textures, vibrant vanillin oak flavors and hints of sweet Chardonnay fruit also a touch of grapefruit and peach, completed by a firm, lingering acid finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Rich creamy textured foods. Drink now to 2007.


Suggested Retail Price:$18.99

R H Phillips Sauvignon Blanc'03, Dunnigan Hills, CA

Grassy and citrussy Sauvignon Blanc from California.

Technical Data:93% Sauvignon Blanc, 7% Semillon aged in stainless steel tanks for 6 months on average to retain the fresh and fruity flavors.

Description:Pale yellow color. Fragrant citrus and stone fruit on the nose with a touch of grassy, citrus blossom. Bright nectarine and zesty grapefruit flavors lead to a crisp, dry wine with the fresh hay notes typical of the variety. The wine has a long, complex finish.

Food Pairing & Service:Scallop, oysters with Thai butter, grilled summer vegetables. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$19.99

Bottega Vinaia Chardonnay'02, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

An elegant Chardonnay full of character not overoaked.

Technical Data:100% Chardonnay. 70% of the wine ages in stainless steel, 30% in barriques. The wine is then blended and bottled after an additional four months in steel to stabilize the blend.

Description:Straw yellow color with golden highlights. Intense bouquet with fruity aromas such as tropical fruits and light vanilla notes. Dry, refreshing and flavorful palate with a firm structure leading into a long lasting finish. The palate is full of tropical fruits, spice with a hint of nutmeg, and a touch of toasty oak.

Food Pairing & Service:Serve at 48°-50° F. Pairs well with a wide range of dishes from the usual seafood and fish to white meats or light red meats dishes. Should be also prety good with a creamy pasta dish with an Alfredo sauce.


Suggested Retail Price:$14.99