Saturday, July 3, 2010

Essay Shiraz '08, South Africa

Soft and very fruity light to medium-bodied red wine from the Western Cape Region of South Africa.

Technical Data: Shiraz 89%, Cinsault 9%, Viognier 2%. The Shiraz portion was lightly wooded for softer mouth-feel. The wine was made in a fruit-forward, soft style. Cinsault was added for additional red berry fruit flavors and the Viognier softens the tannins, adds plushness and floral aromas.

Description: Light ruby red color. A fruit forward nose with quite a lot of both cherry and plummy aromas, some underlying spice notes as well. In the mouth, soft tannins, round mouth, again, lots of ripe cherries flavors here tied to blackberries, plum and some spicy toasty flavors. Do not linger.

Food Pairing & Service: A medium-bodied red that will complement a wide range of food as long as the dish it accompanies is not too heavy. It will stands very well against "modern style" cuisine, fusion cuisine, light Italian cuisine as well as some spicy Asian dishes. Great to have at a picnic or at the beach for those of you whom don't like dry Rosés Wines. Can also be definitely sipped by itself.

Score: 5/10. Definitely too mellow for my palate but if you like strong fruit forward wines, this is the right for you.

Price as seen on MD shelf: From $8.99 to $11.99

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