Saturday, July 3, 2010

Essay Chenin Blanc "Steen" '09, South Africa

Crisp very fruity light to medium-bodied white wine from the Western Cape Region of South Africa.

Technical Data: 95% Chenin Blanc "Steen" grapes with 5% Viognier to add more body and floral notes to this wine. Aged in Stainless steel tanks only to preserve freshness.

Description: Light gold color. Fresh and quite vibrant nose focused primarily on white peach fruits, guava and tropical fruits. Soft, round palate, with a nice acidity. Melon and tropical fruits as well as stone fruits flavors first comes in mind on the palate, but are then later in the mouth enticed with floral flavors like chamomile and a touch or hawthorn, which gives a nice and unexpected complexity for a wine at this price point. Light to medium-bodied wine. Do not last long unfortunately.

Food Pairing & Service: Recommended with light seafood or shell fish dishes, white creamy pasta or light chicken or turkey dishes, also well suited with some mild cheeses as well as salad. A good one to consider for the summer season as it is light to medium bodied. Great to have at a picnic or at the beach. Can also be definitely sipped by itself. Serve chilled.

Score: 6/10. I gave it only a 6 over 10 because it is not quite my type of Chenin Blanc, I usually like wine with a broader body...It is still a very nice one to try out if you are more into lighter bodied whites, I would say that, this one is a bit more complex than, let's say your average Pinot Grigio, but not quite as complex as a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc could be nor as complex as a Chenin Blanc is usually, this is why it scores low on my scale.

Price as seen on MD shelf: $9.99

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