Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Erben Spatlese'04, Rheinhessen, Germany

Erben Spatlese

Rich and sweet white from Germany.

Technical Data:This wine is made from a blend (mainly Riesling and Silvaner) of late-ripened grapes carefully selected from Langguth's estates or from individual from Rheinhessen that were picked at least one week after the start of the harvest. Hence the name "Spatlese" which means "late harvest."

Description:Erben Spatlese is a full bodied wine with a distinctive bouquet and fruity, luscious palate, with a fresh acidity. Focused on apricot and peach flavors with a slight touch of spiciness. Very rich and sweet wine.

Food Pairing & Service:Delicious when drunk on its own, or pair well dessert, fruit or cheeses. Serve chilled.


Suggested Retail Price:$6.99


  1. I happened upon your blog in my frantic search for the Erben Spatlese (my new love!). Would you happen to know where I can purchase this wine or from whom? I haven't had any luck with my web searches but haven't gone to any retail locations yet because alcohol isn't sold everywhere in Maryland. Thanks and wonderful blog.

  2. Hi Torie,

    I never seen this wine in wine shops in MD but I'm usually not buying wine in the State I'm living...two reasons for that:

    first one, as I work mainly in VA (sometimes in DC too but never in MD) I happened to buy my wines after my work it's more easy for me as I'm already in a wine shop.

    Second reason and not the less, it happened I'm accompaning friends to choose their wines for party and I have noted than most of the times VA wine's stores have more choice when it comes to wines and the price are less expensives also than MD.

    If you don't live so far away from VA you could find this wine in numerous locations, my favorite one, is an awesome Grocery store called Wegmans ( one shop in Sterling and one in Fairfax both in VA)

    My regular one is the one located in Fairfax where most of the time I'm covering tastings for different companies and of course you could find this wine sold there.

    I hope that will help you,
    Thanks for your interest in my WineBlog :-)

  3. Thanks very much! I'm frequently in VA on the weekends and will definitely try the Fairfax Wegmans. You've made my day! =)

  4. Torie,

    I'm very often the taster in the wine shop in there, you could ask for me if you want to meet me :-) and try new wines too...

  5. I wonder if you would know of a wine shop or distributor that would ship Langguth Erben Spatlese to New Mexico?

  6. Hi Rick,

    unfortunately, I really have no idea about who might be able to ship this wine in New Mexico. Sorry if i m not of a great help! If I hear anything about shipping in New Mexico I ll post a new message for you.

  7. Erben Spatlese is an excellent sweet full bodied Reinwine that i have been drinking for years. I am informed that the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which is a Provincial gorennment monopoly, does not sell enough of it and will no longer supply it but will order it on request by the 5 case lot. that is 60 bottles. when I mfind the adress I am going to order it . It is worth the trouble.
    another good one,almost the same is made by Schmitt Sohne. They make an auslese and recently they had one made in Bingen, "and the moon that shines on Bingen, lovely Bingen on the Rhine" but I understand that it also is to be delisted because of lack of sales. WhAT IS THE world comming to if people will pay more money for dry French vinegar than for good golden Reinwein

  8. Hi,

    I, too, am looking for Erben Spatlese! My daughter-in-law bought us a bottle while we were visiting Germany and we fell in love with this wine!

    I live in Mississippi - not a great wine state, I know, but Atlanta isn't too far! Do you know of any retailers in our area?

  9. Just purchased this delicious wine at the Giant Food grocery store in Fairfax, Virginia (suburb of Washington, DC).

  10. I live down in Richmond, VA and have been able to find this wine at MANY grocery stores, both standard and specialty. I normally get mine at the Kroger in the Gayton Crossing shopping center, but have also seen it at Elwood Thompson's and a few other places. It was first served to me at a family friend's wedding reception October of 2006. The bride's parents spent a few years in Germany and fell in love with it there. It's now the only wine of its type we'll drink! We always keep at least two bottles in the fridge. Thank you for posting this, I'm glad to know we're not the only ones so crazy about this wine!

  11. This wine was given to me as a gift; greatly appreciated. Fine taste. Where can I locate supply in Orlando, Florida area?

  12. I have purchased this wine in Germany and would love to get some in the US. Are you aware of somewhere near Louisville, KY where I can purchase this wine or can it be ordered online anywhere?

  13. I acutally found this wine at a Target in Springfield, Virginia, right outside of DC. :)

  14. Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around