Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My notation on the wines I taste...

Some of my followers have asked me, lately, to shade some lights on my process to give a notation on a scale of ten, for each wine I taste and what exactly motivate that number, rather than another one?

Well that's a big challenge, to explain how I make up a number... Let me try to explain, here is more or less my process, I try to compare wines:

. first of all, from same price range ( a basic varietal wine won't ever compare with a wonderful Romanée Conti, anybody knows that!).
. then from the same region or sub-region.
. then grapes used to make it.
. then, if I have already tasted that particular "Terroir" and if I know anything about it, I try to compare and see if the wine I am tasting is somewhat expressing what it should.
.then at the very end and only then, I add to all these considerations whether I like or not how the wine is expressing itself.

PS: It is very subjective to give a notation to a wine, has every body has a different palate and experience in the matter, I try to do my best to explain, what I like and why, but at the end, it is my particular taste and not necessarily everybody will agree with it.

If while reading me, you notice that on the non-subjective info given (i.e.:Technical Data and Geographic location) I am somehow mistaken, Please, don't hesitate to contact me, I will correct the error, after further investigations.

For those who read "My Wine Tastings Notes", a big thanks!

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