Thursday, September 29, 2011

Château Mukhrani, Goruli Mtsvane 2009, Kartli, Georgia (Rep.of)

Dry white wine from the Kartli region (surrounding Tbilisi the capital) in Georgia. Mtsvane grape is a world-class grape variety endemic to Georgia. There are 4 different Mtsvane variety in Georgia, each coming from a different region and with their own characteristic. This amazing wine has been awarded a Bronze Medal at the Hong Kong Wine and Spirit International Competition in late October 2011.

Technical Data: 85% Goruli Mtsvane, which is endemic to the region of Kartli and 15% Chinuri (a white grape with red freckles) which is another Georgian endemic variety. Hand harvested. On the lies. Aged a minimum of 4 months and up to 7 months prior bottling depending of the vintage. 12% vol.

Description: Bright light gold with greenish hues. Its nose shows, at first, fresh white plum enticed with citrussy aromas and stone fruits, then follows peppery notes and flowery aromas. The palate expresses a generous plummy taste backed up by peach and honeysuckle with a pinch of black pepper. The wine is crisp and full body but somehow still manage to be round with a nice intensity & acidity for a good lengthy finish.

Food Pairing & Service: I personally enjoy this wine with fish, shellfish or a big salad. It also pairs quite well with a salad with pear and walnut. Could be enjoyed by itself as an aperitif as well. Best enjoyed chilled.

Score: 9/10.

Ageing Potential: Made to be drunk in its youth. Drink now and for 2 more year.

Price as seen on DC shelf: Soon available in MD and DC wine stores and Restaurants.


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