Friday, July 20, 2012

Clotilde Davenne, Les Temps Perdus, AOC Saint-Bris, Burgundy, France 2010

Dry white wine from the Chablis Region in Burgundy, France

Technical Data: 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Hand harvested. Underwent 100% malolactic fermentation. On the lees for several months. Very elegant wine, from the only AOC (Saint-Bris) from Burgundy allowed to produce a Sauvignon Blanc wine. No oak to preserve the freshness and "terroir-like" characteristic of this wine.

Description: Bright light gold color. On the nose, the wine exudes tropical fruits and stone fruits mingled with mineral aromas. Quite complex. The palate is an “explosion” of flavors with to name only a few, peach, citrus zest, flint-stone and white flowers followed by only a hint of spice. Very long lasting.

Food Pairing & Service: Enjoy chilled with seafood, fish as well as goat cheese.

Score: 9/10. One of the best Saint-Bris I ever tasted. This particular wine & vintage has received a tones of accolades since its release. Clotilde Davenne has been voted the best Winemaker of the year 2005 in Stockholm! Look for her wines, they are all beautifully crafted. Also very important, because the area of production of this small AOC in Burgundy, there is only a handful of producers whom can indeed make Saint-Bris wines, if memory serves me right, right now, there should be only about 10 to 12 producers of Saint-Bris AOC.

Ageing Potential: Made to be drunk in its youth to preserve its delightful freshness. Drink now and for 2 more year.

Price as seen on DC shelf: usually around $15-$18

Importer/Distributor: Comete Wines from Silver Spring MD

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