Monday, September 6, 2010

Cheese Pairing

Very often I am giving a particular name of cheese to pair with a wine. I have to give a few more details about that matter.

Most of the time, I will then mention that this pairing has been recommended/proposed to me by one (or two) of my good friends from the “Cheese-Fromagerie” Department from the store I was tasting in. More than nine times out of 10 I have approved myself these pairings, founding them indeed extremely good.

Only a handful of times I have disagreed, and I must say, these girls have been extraordinarily patient with me, by being understanding and proposing new cheeses/pairing. They have tremendously helped me, by picking great cheeses to pair with my wines, have made my tastings more lively, made me discover new horizons by making me tasting new cheeses that I had no idea of, as well as given me loads of informations about them.

Well, I think it is only fair that I name them both on my next posts instead of talking vaguely about the "Cheese-Fromagerie". So here it is, the Head of the Cheese Department is named Treva and her always smiling colleague is Angela. Thanks to you both for training me on Cheeses, I really appreciate it!

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